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Fixed fee services





Our fixed fee legal audit service includes the following items:-

A review of your objects to ensure that they are up to date and that you are not carrying out any activities which can result in your trustees incurring personal liability.
A review of your memorandum and articles of association to ensure that they are up to date and contain the necessary powers.
A review of your title deeds to ensure that they are up to date, safely stored and properly scheduled.
A review of your employment contracts for compliance with current employment legislation.
A review of your statutory registers, letterhead and documentation to monitor comploicance with company and charity legislation.
A report on the adequacy of the procedures you have in place for the protection of your intellectual property rights
Compliance with Data Protection, Health & Safety at Work and other legislation.
Compliance with charity investment rules and other applicable charity legislation and guidance.




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Last modified: 17 May 2006